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The quickest, easiest way to sign your license agreements.

Get Started

  • One time registration, no need to sign up year after year.
  • Reduced paperwork by having your agreements signed online, with just a few clicks.
  • All of your license agreements for multiple providers available on a single website.

Take a tour of the AgCelerate website

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    By completing the one time registration with AgCelerate, you will have a single profile which can be used ongoing to quickly and easily sign any new or required seed license agreements from multiple companies.

    Register by entering your email address and similar information as you would have provided on a paper seed license agreement in the past.
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    Farm and Owner Confirmation

    Identify farm businesses and owners for which you hold seed licensing responsibilities.

    Do this by either confirming records gathered from our subscribing business partners or by entering farm business and owner information manually.
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    Supplier Identification

    Choose the seed suppliers with whom you do business.

    This will allow us to share your seed license agreement information with those businesses, reducing re-work and confusion for both of you.
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    Grower Dashboard

    View agreements already signed or select agreements to be signed.
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    Identity Verification

    The first time you attempt to sign any agreements via AgCelerate you will be asked to verify your identity by answering a series of questions about yourself.

    These are to protect your identity and ensure no one else signs legal agreements on your behalf.
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    Signing Agreements Electronically

    Apply your signature by clicking "Sign Here" and then "Confirm Signing."

    You have completed signing!

    The information will be automatically transferred to our Seed Technology Provider partners.